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Rully rully good

A supple "chalonnaise"
Published:  March 20, 2012

The Côte Chalonnaise Burgundies tend to be a little lighter and coarser than the great Beaunes and Nuits, but they can also be terrifically easy both on the palate and on the pocket. And so it is with this Rully 1er Cru Les Cloux Jacqueson 2010. Now 2010 would usually be too young for me, but was just right for enjoying this fruity, soft, and quite classical pinot noir, plucked from 45 year old vines.

In fact, it was one of several wines showing at a wine tasting on St Patrick's night last week, and was up against some powerful competition from around France (a robust Chinon, a powerful Chateauneuf du Pape, and a smooth 2002 Pauillac, to name but three; oh, and some fairly heavy southern tannic wines from Collioure and Corsica). But the Rully shone for everyone there: how do I know? For a start, it was the first wine to go that night, and also, the caterer kept quaffing it. So it had to be good, right?

Their website, though hard to read in greeny-yellow, is unpretentious and modest, describing their 2010 wines as perhaps better than...2009.

I would say this Rully could age well, and the web advice would tend to agree, though some might ask: why bother, since it is already so soft and rich to drink now? Still, I'd be tempted to hold for about 3-5 years. And at 15 euros a bottle or thereabouts, it is a "rully" affordable little investment.

©Rory Delucenay-Clarke, March 2012


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