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Jo's 70

Published:  May 26, 2005

It was Jo's 70th birthday recently. We drove Jo mad. We all had a big party on the 15th-16th May, and then I drove her across Wales and England to visit her sister in Gloucestershire, and a recently widowed friend in Surrey. Then on to the Channel tunnel, and to our house in Picardy where we downed plenty of white and red.

For the party in Maire's sunny garden in Dublin we were all asked to come up with a word or expression that for that person best describes or captures Jo's character.

Here they are:

Conor: Proud

Mel: Pedigree Chum (a dog food, we used to eat a very nice spunge in custard that came out of a can and we called it PC)

Rory: May

Maire: Brendan

Brenda: Woman of steel

Grainne: Devoted.

Anne: Independent

Deirdre: Generous

GaŽlle: "God bless"

Carsten: Fun

Jonathan: Welcoming

Ross (Grainne's partner): Vivacious


Anna: Adorable

Rob: Caring

Brennie: Generous

Harry: Nice

Roman: Prezzies.

Emilie: Emilie Jo.

Clarence: Stop it!

Dylan: A good cook

Jack: Good

Chris: gurgle

Lucas: Club Milk (a chocolate biscuit)

Christian: Chocky bikkie

Sam: My granny

And the final word to Jo herself: Rubbish

©RJ Doyle Clarke

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